Neighbor Number 8-Personal Narrative

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Neighbor Thirty Eight Around 3:50 early morning emergency vehicles and police arrived in the neighborhood. Police informed neighbors who called in the attack, that Catherine Genovese was indeed dead. She was stalked and stabbed three separate times by the same assailant. She was stabbed once in front of the bookstore, once in front of her apartment, and once at the foot of the stairs towards the back of the apartment. Multiple people watched as she was repeatedly stabbed to her death. I was one of those people. First, I heard yelling coming from outside. Then, a faint female voice. I looked from the kitchen window to see what the noise was. I noticed a man outside wearing all black, but did not see the female. I heard another scream followed by a deep voice telling the man to “let that girl go.” The attacker looked up, then ran off. That is when I saw a woman on her knees near the bookstore. My apartment building is located about a half a block on the opposite side of the street from the bookstore. The woman…show more content…
It was taco night and everybody was ready to eat. My wife was in the Lazy Boy recliner sleep at the time. To add to that my kids were in the living room playing the Xbox being noisy. I heard muffled yells outside and went back to cooking. When I first actually saw the man through my kitchen window, I thought he was only an intoxicated man leaving a bar. I thought he was the one mocking a feminine voice. After a neighbor scared the man away I saw Ms. Genovese and supposed the two were messing around. Though, she was on her knees, I did not think it was serious enough to intervene. During his second attacked I reached for the phone but I saw others were watching, thinking someone with a better view called the attack in. When I left the kitchen my wife was still asleep, so I felt no need to wake her. The situation seemed to be over when the man got in his car and drove

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