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When A Man’s Big Heart Is His Greatest Downfall Willa Cather was born during the year 1873 in the state of Virginia. Her family moved west to Nebraska and at sixteen, she set out on her own. As a result, her works reflect the lives of those who farmed in the Great Plains during the early 1900s. One story that demonstrates life on the plains is “Neighbor Rosicky”. “Neighbor Rosicky” is a story about the life of Anton Rosicky and his family. When first introduced to Anton, the reader is informed that he has a heart condition. He is prescribed to not perform any physical labor that would cause strain on his heart. Anton does not agree with the prescribed treatment at first, but later agree to follow its protocol. That is until Anton is invited to his son’s house for dinner. He tries to assist his son by attending to his alfalfa field when he has a heart attack. After Anton’s heart attack, Polly, who is engaged to Anton’s son, realizes how caring Anton really is while she is attending to Anton. Mr. Rosicky is the first to discover that Polly is expecting a child, and it is here when Anton and Polly really form a bond with one another. Unfortunately, Anton…show more content…
I do not think I could ever do enough to repay her. First off, she is helping to pay for me to attend Clemson. I am really appreciative of this because this could be something that really helps me in life and allows me the chance to get a head start on life after school. I do not have to worry about paying student loans because of her. She could have used the money to take cruises and really enjoy her retirement; instead she uses it on me. As a result of this, I really want to perform as well as I can while I am in school now to make her proud of me. Its not just the fact that she spends her money on me that shows that she really cares, but that if I ever need anything, I know that she will be there for me. I feel as I am almost in the same situation as Polly when Cather

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