Neighborhoods In Boyz N The Hood

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Boyz N the Hood was filmed in a run down and troubled urban environment with a large population of people. Neighborhoods like that are referred to as ghettos and they are filled with low income families and consist of old beat up homes. Ghettos normally consist of minorities and have major issues with their youth and employment. Kids are growing up in poor, single family homes with no father figure to look up to. The lack of role models in their life’s affects the way they grow up and this leads generations of people doing the same thing in the same place. Education is not a focus and this results in unproductive citizens and a continual cycle of poverty.
The African American Urban experience is extremely different from other races and cultures. It is normally troubled with violence and crime in low income areas. Boyz N the Hood is an example of the troubles of urban planning and over population.
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In addition to higher poverty rates, blacks suffer from concentrated poverty. 50 percent of African American children live in neighborhoods with concentrated poverty, compared to only a little more than a tenth of poor white children who live in similar neighborhoods. Children in neighborhoods with concentrated poverty experience more social and behavioral problems, have lower grades, and are more likely to drop out of high school. Recent studies have suggested that reducing children’s exposure to concentrated poverty can improve their chances of better economic mobility and a brighter future
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