Neil Armstrong Achievements

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Imagine being the first man to step on a foreign star that no one had ever stepped on in the millions of years it’s been there. Imagine the bravery it would take to journey past your home on earth and enter the vast space where anything and everything can go wrong. Well that's what one courageous man did, his name was Neil Armstrong. Neil Armstrong is a famous astronaut who ventured beyond expectations to help the world and do what he loves to do. Neil Armstrong is a fascinating person in our history and you must learn about his early life the moon landing and his death and legacy to know how great of a man he was.
The early life of Neil Armstrong is a fascinating and complex topic were he had many great accomplishments. Neil Armstrong was born in Wapakoneta Ohio on august 5 1930(“Neil Armstrong.”).He grew up in a blink of an eye. He immediately took a huge fascination in aircrafts and flying. When he was a little older his fascination lead him to take flying lessons at a nearby airport. He earned his license at age
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Before Armstrong's death he continued to take part in many space missions. Also he continued to be concerned about nasal’s future since all their missions coasted millions of dollars. In addition he received many awards and was known as a space hero. The legacy he left behind for his people will always be remembered through all his dedication to do what no one's ever done before. Neil Armstrong had to undergo a heart bypass in 2012 to remove blockage from a heart artery (“Neil Armstrong.”). He was said to have been recovering extremely well. Sadly on August 12 2012 three weeks after his heart surgery he died (Bio).Neil Armstrong was age eighty two when he died that night. His funeral was interesting you might say. Because a few weeks later he got cremated and had his ashes spread over the Pacific Ocean. In the end we must remember the legacy he left behind for his
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