Neil Armstrong's Heroic Hero

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There are many people in the world who are influential.These people impact the world of their heroic acts,to inspire others and their legacy.An individual that shows these charcter traits would be the first person to walk on the moon.Neil Armstrong is influntial because of his heroic acts,of his legacy,and his Admirable Charcter traits.Neil Armstrong is influential because of his heroic acts, of his Legacy, and his Admirable character traits.
Neil Armstrong is courageous because Of his Giant leap for mankind, also for his military pilot experiences, and his emergency landing with the Apollo 11.According to(Neil Armstrong’s most courageous moments) Just four days after the X-15 incident, Armstrong found himself in another sticky situation, this time while flying a T-33 training jet with passenger Chuck Yeager. He was very courageous because he got in a big crash and four days later he comes
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Neil Armstrong’s adventure to space took a lot of time to plan and a lot of people to
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