Essay On Neil Armstrong

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Neil Armstrong plays an important role within the United States history. Armstrong was the first man to step foot onto the moon. Armstrong helped create many different types of aircrafts that helped modernize aircrafts today. Armstrong was a well known engineer in his day. Without Armstrong things in the world maybe different. Although people know Neil Armstrong for taking the first steps on the moon, he also played a large role in the development of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration otherwise known as NASA.
Armstrong was born into a low class family on August 5, 1930. Armstrong’s parents were Stephen and Viola Armstrong and they had three children together including Armstrong. His younger brother was named Dean and
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Armstrong took this job to work on designing the aircrafts of the future. After a few months of work a position in California opened up at the high-speed
Flight Station and he took the job (Byers, 2004). Armstrong had a job that many people would love to experience, he was able to fly planes, jets, helicopters, gliders, rocket planes, and x-planes (Byers, 2004). He was able to test over 200 different types of planes with his new job (Byers, 2004).
Armstrong helped in developing a rocket plane called the X-15. The X-15 had a G limit, helped accelerate plains beyond the gravity five times the force on Earth (Byers, 2004). This acceleration could lead to disorientation, dizziness, blackouts, or loss of control of the X-15 (Byers, 2004). Armstrong would be the first to test the X-15, unfortunately he lost control of the plan and did not have the controls to steer the plane back to Earth’s atmosphere (Byers, 2004). Lucky he was able to stay calm and land the aircraft safely, many people would have panicked and lost complete
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