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Ever wonder how far we’ve come in technology in the past couple decades? In the essay To Fly, by Neil deGrasse Tyson, flying is a highly worshiped subject. Just the notion of flying has been a fantasy of man for thousands of years, and, with the increase of technology, we have been able to do just that. The idea of flying has been a dream part of man throughout history. On page 435 of the text, deGrasse says “You needn’t look for evidence, for most of the history of broadcast television for America, when a station signed off for the night, it didn’t show somebody walking erect and bidding farewell, instead it would play the “Star Spangled Banner” and show things that fly, such as birds soaring or Air Force jets whooshing by.”…show more content…
In paragraph 436 of the text, Neil says “Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, where wings are completely useless, in a lunar module named after a bird. A mere sixty-five years, seven months, three days, five hours, and forty-three minutes after Orville left the ground.” Also, in paragraph 436, where Neil says “The launch of Voyager 2, which ballistically toured the solar system’s outer planets. During flybys, the spacecraft slingshot trajectories stole a little but of Jupiter and Saturn’s orbital energy to enable its rapid exit from the solar system.” This also proves that the human race never gave up on their hopes and dreams of flying, and were eventually able to launch people into space. Some might say that Uncle Marcos’s aeroplane he made was well above the technology at the time, but in To Fly, it shows just how far technology has gone in the past few decades. In conclusion, the increase in technology over the past hundred years has powered humans into space, one of the many dreams of the human population. To conclude, the essay To Fly was a superior example of the human desire to fly, because it gave descriptions of how long man has dreamt of the ability to fly, and as well, gave evidence and facts to how far technology has come in the past century, enabling us to soar above the clouds. In conclusion, To Fly was about the inspiration to fly, and all of the things that have made possible by

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