Neil Degrasse Tyson Analysis

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People’s memories are greatly affected by preconceptions and the emotions that come with them. When one’s memories are challenged the response is that they must be right, and everyone else must be wrong. Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson shows this example when during his show “Cosmos” where he inaccurately uses a quote from two different speeches of President George Bush’s to express a science of how stars were named. The quote was implying prejudice tendencies in Mr. Bush right after 9/11, and when Dr. Tyson was confronted of his misinterpretation his overconfidence of his memories he instantly configured that the confronters were incorrect. After evidence proved of his misconception, he admitted to his mistake and publicly apologized. Furthermore,…show more content…
He first explains how nature made men equal, though each might differ in physical strength, weaker men have stronger mentalities. If two men want a similar object that cannot be shared, then they become enemies. Some do it for fear, but others battle for pleasure. Hobbes establishes three principles for fighting: competition, diffidence, and for glory. Competition is essential for men to gain what they desire. By using violence, man create a superiority over family and animals. Diffidence is for safety of the desire, defending their family or animals. Lastly, glory is for maintaining a reputation of their own opinion, things, and superiority over others. When men are against each other without leadership then they are in war, and if they are not fighting then they are in peace. Hobbes explains how detrimental society is when in war. Time, culture, industry, buildings, navigation, or even tools would be lacking during this time. Also, everyone would have to live in fear of one another. There would be no laws or justice, and with that no sin. There would be no distinguishing of right or wrong because justice is a quality that is necessary for men in a society, and it does not distinctly acquire in a single man’s mind or
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