Neil Gaiman How To Talk To Girls At Parties Analysis

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People prejudice women in every situation, they are seen as inferior to men and are supposed to act a certain way that society says. In Neil Gaiman’s works; How to Talk to Girls at Parties and Cinnamon, women are seen as objects that are put in place to move the plot along, to prove a point about a male character, or to be something that society can just push around and do what it wants. The girls in his story How to Talk to Girls at Parties are just objects to help Enn and Vic be better people. In his story “Cinnamon”, Cinnamon is a girl, who has to behave the way society expects her to until she can not take it anymore. Neil Gaiman’s works “Cinnamon”, “How to Talk to Girls at Parties”, and Coraline address the patriarchal society and the…show more content…
The girls in the story are aliens, and they are in the story just to show how caught up Enn and Vic are in themselves and how they are supposed to behave with girls. For example, when Enn says “she wasn’t the prettiest girl there, but she seemed nice enough, and she was a girl, anyways, I let my arm slide down a little, tentatively, so that it made contact with her back, and she did not tell me to take it away.” If Enn had not been caught up in the looks of the girls, worried about how he was going to talk to them, and how he should behave he would have seen that they were aliens and not normal. This example goes back to the point that the main purpose of women is to show a character flaw in the male character. “It’ll be brilliant,” said Vic, for the hundredth time, “Girls! Girls! Girls!” He grinned with white teeth.” This makes Vic look very much like a predator for these girls at the party and he expects them to give into whatever he wants them to do, and they belong to him like objects and prizes to be won. Another example is “Vic was holding Stella’s hand as they danced, and when the song ended he put an arm around her, casually, almost proprietorially, to make sure that nobody else cut in.”Vic is very dominant and he sees women as property of his and he controls…show more content…
Coraline was able to be her own hero in her story by saving herself and her parents from the other mother, here as in Cinnamon the hero was the tiger, he saved her from her blind sheltered life. “No,” said Coraline. “I’m not.” And, hard as she could, she threw the black cat toward the other mother. It yowled and landed on the other mother’s head, claws flailing, teeth bared, fierce and angry.”(131) It is rare to have a young girl be the hero of the story, which is what Coraline was she saved her parents and herself. Coraline goes against what society expects from her, as a child and a girl. “ The day after they moved in, Coraline went exploring. She explored the garden. It was a big garden… Coraline also explored for animals.”(4-5) She is a little girl, she should not be outside getting dirty and exploring, she needs to be minding herself and be doing girly things. “ But Mum, everybody at school’s got gray blouses and everything. Nobody’s got green gloved. I could be the only one.”(23) Coraline wants to stand out in a crowd she doesn't want to be like everyone else which isn't accepted in
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