Neil Gaiman Literary Devices

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The author, Neil Gaiman, has a rich variety of literary devices, that help paint an exciting tale. Interestingly enough, Gaiman begins the story with Richard at a pub celebrating his new job in London. Starving for a breath of fresh air, Richard escapes to the wet outside, only to stumble across a homeless women. Out of the blue, she offers to to read his fortune. “‘You’ve got a long way to go…Not just London...Not any London I know. I’m sorry,’ she said. ‘It starts with doors.’ (...) ‘I’d watch out for doors if I were you.’” (Gaiman, 3) Unknowingly, she had accurately foreshadowed his meeting with the main female protagonist, Door, who had the ability to open any door. Another example of literary devices that the author uses is irony. Door’s
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