Neil Gaiman's How To Talk To Girls At Parties

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Party Confusion “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” is a comical short story about two young guys, named Vic and Enn, who try to talk to girls. Enn does not wish to go to the party because he is not good with the opposite sex. Unlike Enn Vic claims that he is very good at talking to girls. Subsequently, Vic uses his uncanny charm and convinces Enn to go. In “How to Talk to Girls at Parties,” Neil Gaiman has two young men stumble across a transgender party unknowingly, and he demonstrates this by giving the readers an unreliable narrator, how the girls at the party looked, and having Vic a “ladies’ man” cry after going upstairs with a girl. Neil Gaiman gives the reader Enn as an unreliable narrator, who has very little experience with girls…show more content…
The lights were dim throughout the entire house, so it was hard to see the fine details of girls. Enn tried to describe how they looked by saying, “Understand me, all the girls at that party, in the twilight, were lovely; they all had perfect faces but, more important than that, they had whatever strangeness of proportion, of oddness or humanity.” (Gaiman). Their faces are going through a transition. A once masculine face turns softer and feminine when a transgender beings taking steroids, and to someone who has not come across it before can think it looks odd, or strange. Notice that he said the girls were lovely, he did not say pretty, beautiful, or stunning, but he said lovely. The diction Neil Gaiman uses tells the readers that the girls are not beautiful, but at the same time they are not ugly. Another thing that makes readers wonder if this is a transgender party is that “’Er. Look. The party," said Vic, apologetically. ‘It's not the one I thought it was. I've been talking to Stella and I figured it out. Well, she sort of explained it to me. We're at a different party,’" (Gaiman) which means that Vic still does not completely understand what kind of part this is. Despite not knowing what kind of party this is exactly; Vic still goes upstairs with a girl he just meets. The readers are never told what happens upstairs, but Vic acts as if he has been emasculated, for a “ladies’ man” to run out of a bedroom with a girl he must have seen a surprise he was not expecting. Vic is crying outside and says “She wasn't a--," and goes on about how he crossed a line. Vic feels as if he will never be the same because the girl that Vic went upstairs with is in the middle of her transition, and still has some male
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