Neil Gorsuch Essay

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I do think that Neil Gorsuch is qualified to take the position as the new supreme court justice. He is known to have an outstanding resume; He graduated from Harvard Law School and he studied under a lawyer named John Finnis. Neil knows what it is like to be a conservative on a liberal college campus. Gorsuch co-founded The MorningSide Review and The Federalist while he was in Columbia University in New York. Gorsuch and his two other co-founders believed that the campus had primarily liberal political views. He served as circuit judge of the United States court of appeals for the 10th circuit. Another amazing achievement that Neil accomplished was that he had written a book about the end-of-life debate called “The Future of Assisted Suicide and…show more content…
His book gave a powerful argument against Assisted suicide and euthanasia’s legalization. In his book, he stated that he is pro-life and that his belief is that killing is never justified. Not only has Gorsuch written a book, but he has also served as a clerk to two supreme court justices and he earned a doctorate in legal philosophy. Furthermore, I think that Neil Gorsuch is a good nominee and I think he will do a decent job. Many people disapprove of Neil Gorsuch because he was nominated by Donald Trump and because he lacks the determination to rule or dominate other people. Following that, Gorsuch also has a firm belief that judges should interpret the law, rather than create it. Whether judges interpret or create law is a controversial topic. I agree with Gorsuch’s statement because I think that judges are supposed to interpret the law, then apply it rather than make the law as they go. It is said that in, what are known as, “hard cases” judges are able and do create new law. Judge Neil Gorsuch is known to interpret the constitution the way it was originally written and he analyzes the words rather than the
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