Neil Perry In Dead Poets Society

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In the movie Dead Poet’s Society directed by Peter Weir, the relationship between Neil Perry, his dad, and their interaction with Mr. Keating outlines a prominent theme. Shackling one from their dreams can only lead to disturbing consequences. The first example of this theme is within the relationship of Neil and his dad. “MR PERRY: After you've finished medical school and you're on your own, then you can do as you damn well please. But until then, you do as I tell you. Is that clear?” (Dead Poets Society). The shackles are first present in the introduction of the characters. Neil Perry is introduced as a smart poised individual who presumptively ‘aspires’ to be a doctor. However, this dream is forcefully embedded into him by his father. Mr.Perry restricts Neil from a variety of possible careers to just one. This ‘shackle’ is slowly affecting Neil as he realizes that he has no say in his own future. Furthermore, Neil Perry’s dissatisfaction with the idea of becoming a doctor becomes especially prominent after he meets Mr. Keating. The idea of carpe diem, ‘seize the day’, engendered…show more content…
Perry flicks the light on but sees nothing. Then he smells something. Looking closer, he sees a thin cloud of smoke rising from behind his desk. As he moves around the desk he sees his gun on the floor and Neil's outstretched hand.” (Dead Poets Society). The horrendous outcome in the case of Dead Poets Society was the death of Neil Perry. Neil realized that life was not worth living if his ideas and dreams were regarded as insignificant. He fathomed the possibility of becoming an actor but instead he became his father’s pawn. This dissatisfaction clearly led to his own riddance. The shackles were too much for Neil perry and would be too much for any individual. In other situations, the consequences may not be as drastic, but they will still exist. It is important to acknowledge a person's ideas and dreams and heed to them. If not, the victim may not live a happy life or live at
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