Neil Perry Dead Poets Society Analysis

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Throughout life when one is experiencing adversity, it is natural for them to seek the help of others, but when all advice seems to be exhausted, as someone is in your way, it can be difficult for one to understand that there are more support options elsewhere. It is this concept of adversity always getting in one’s way, and not knowing where to turn, that resulted in the death of Neil Perry, from the film, “Dead Poets Society,” directed by Peter Weir. Neil’s death by suicide may have been caused by several different reasons, and several different people within his life. Who could be at fault, indirectly? The enrollment of Neil into one of America’s best private boarding schools, Welton Academy was indeed promising for Mr. Perry to show his…show more content…
Keating's fault for his unorthodox method of teaching, and encouraging Neil to go against his father wishes. Others may argue it was the fault of Mr. Perry for controlling Neil, and directing him down a path that seemed to be influenced by Mr. Perry’s own failure to accomplish his plan of becoming a doctor. Regardless of the influence Mr. Keating had on Neil, it is my strong belief that Mr. Perry’s controlling, selfish, and intimidating ways trumped any of Mr. Keating's contribution to Neil’s discovery of his inner creativity and expression.of interests. Mr. Keating helped open Neil’s eyes to a whole different side of things which his father prevented him from seeing for his entire life. Why should Mr. Keating be at fault when he tried his very best in providing an educational experience that brought him success when he was in Neil’s age? At least he did not directly make an effort to ensure that Neil’s success was limited by to the subjects that would lead him to becoming something that Neil was coerced into believing he was supposed to become, like Mr. Perry did. Mr. Perry trapped Neil into a corner, by taking away everything that meant so much to him. Neil had come to the realization of his fathers doings, at it must have been too much for him to handle, as death was his only resort of getting out of his controlled life. Mr. Perry contributed to his son's death more than anyone else, as Neils plan to continue his new heart full of passion for acting was now destroyed, just as he saw his
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