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In the article "Virtual Students, Digital Classroom,” by Neil Postman he presents his thoughts about technology in class. Postman comes to the conclusion that high-technology in the classroom won’t solve any of the schools’ issues and will also take over his and other teachers teaching jobs. Computers in the classroom will not help children learn any more than they already know in school, if teachers were replaced computers, students will lose the face to face interaction that can only be with another human, and teachers go to school to learn to teach a specific subject and how to teach that subject to the students.

Postman portrays himself to be an intelligence, descriptive and opinionated man. Postman knows a lot when it comes to the subject of technology use in classrooms and he proves it in his in his words. One example of this is when Postman quotes Mr. Edisons words, "Teachers will be regulated to the backwoods,”(Postman 382). He feels that the use of computers in schools’ will take over his and other teachers’ jobs. He shows the real life impact of technology such as how easy it is to get technology in the schools and the homes. He quotes Dr.
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It is believed that the point of his article was to try and prove that having computers in the classroom will not help us solve any problems we face in schools’, but in reality it is just another thing that will distract us from these issues. It is also believed that Postman has the idea that computers are going to take over his and many others teaching jobs. Many people believe that adding computers to classrooms is going to aid in students learning about a specific subject, but it will not. Students learn better when they have one-on-one help with the teacher. Having a teacher is better than having a computer in front of them that doesn't talk back, and it will not be able to explain to them what they need to learn or to help them with what they don't
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