Neil Shubin Your Inner Fish Analysis

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The following critique aims to identify and explain how hox genes may be used to determine relationships between organisms. In order to carry out this task, I shall refer to “your inner fish”, a book in which details Neil Shubins path of discovery that led to the unearthing of tiktaalik (Shubin, Your Inner Fish, 2014), one of the earliest tetrapods that essentially bridged the gap between life in water and life on land that Charles Darwin famously transcribed (Lloyd, 2009). Neil Shubin has explicitly expressed this concept that history tells us this remarkable story, a story in which entwines every reptile, bird and mammal alive today and depicts them as descendants of ancient fish by means of our DNA. (Shubin, Your Inner Fish, 2014) Tiktaalik shown on the right (Victoria)
Have a concluding sentence that signposts what your evaluation of the work will be. For instance, it may indicate whether it is a positive, negative, or mixed evaluation.
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Small buds appeared and genes like sonic hedgehog shaped them into fins. Over millions of year’s fins evolved into a myriad of forms… as millions of years past, more variations. From clawed limbs of reptiles… to the powerful arms of primates that could traverse through the trees, until eventually a remarkable piece of anatomy arose that would itself transform the world. The human hand. This history is not just in our bones, flesh and muscle it’s in our DNA and that’s what connects us to our inner fish” (Shubin, Your Inner Fish,
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