Neil Young: Southern Man

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Neil Young, the musician who transformed noise into music for the whole world, is a great Canadian. He created songs for everyone to listen and also co-founded the benefit Farm Aid. He is what people would call a man for others since he even fits the five grad at grad characteristics. He is loving, committed to justice, open to growth, intellectually competent and lastly religious. Young is a man who everyone would want to be around. He is always changing the world, little or small, or through music in his own way. He shows these characteristics by volunteering, writing music that open people’s eyes and informs about what is happening in the world, as well as working as an environmental activist. Young is a gentleman who people would call a…show more content…
He worked hard to learn how to write great songs and also how to sing. Young’s music was not only good, but also very impactful. He wrote songs to not only warn, but attack bad things, such as violence, racism and the use of drugs. The song “Southern Man” attacked racism. The song “Southern Man” is about a man with a bunch of black slaves and how the black slaves do not use violence, but instead hold back their frustration and do not go to violence. Just writing a song like this needs a man to be aware of his surroundings and think about what problems are going on. He also needs to be extremely confident in his song since it is attacking racism, a topic that is controversy. He played this song during his 1973 tour to promote anti-violence and anti-racism. Around this time, the native Americans in the US were in a very bad condition, they were being mistreated and thrown around like dirt. After people heard his song, there were more people starting to actually respect the differences of each other. Young used his intellect to not only helped his career but also to warn others about dangers that could end one’s life in an…show more content…
He created several love songs for the world to hear. To everyone, love songs may sound like cheesy music, but these songs are written by writers to spread an optimistic mood to the whole world. Young showed his loving characteristic by sharing music that would not only spread happy feelings, but also a message to love the ones around that support and boost their friends higher. Love songs can also make people reflect about their lives and consider what they are doing and how they could fix their behaviours to create a more suitable environment for the ones around them. A love song Young wrote was “Long May You Run”. Young wrote this song about his 1948 Buick. This love song describes all of the hardships and good memories Young had with his car. Not only does Young love his audience, but he also loves the privileges he was able to receive. The privilege in this case was the Buick. Another love song he wrote was “Only Love can Break your Heart”. This song is about a man who is telling their lover that only love will free them of their cold heart. This begins with the man asking how it felt to be alone. “When you were young and on your own, how did it feel to be alone?” Young started this song with those lyrics because he wanted the song to have a stronger message. Isolation makes a person’s heart go cold and only love can break that ice. Young shows his love by explaining how being isolated from anything will only
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