Nelepethi Bella Cross: A True Hero

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On January 23,2002 Nelepethi Bella Cross takes her first leap to destiny.While growing up she lived in a strange neighborhood called Perkins Vill. In Perkins Vill crime occurs every twenty-four hours.This is were the elders wants the kids to grow up to be like their parents.Fourteen years from today Nelepethi is now a 28 year old millionaire,crime fighter and a single mom. Ka-Boom,Bang,Pew was the sound of Santa murdering Mr. and Mrs. Cross. Nelepethi was only 14 years old when her parents died headed to a crime scene.Since that incident occurred she wanted to make Netherworld a pleasant place.After Nelepethi parents death,she is now reluctant to follow her older sister rules/commands because they really never got alone.At this point Nelepethi seeks for revenge…. Over the years Nelepethi has has trained to have the ability of laser eyes and to turn people into stone when she touches them. Nelepethi is unsure if she is ready to become that superior hero that…show more content…
Nelepethi master trained her for more than five years to be prepared for what is to occur.She is now a superhero that everyone looks up to if their was any trouble in the town.All the crime has now decreased and she finally achieves her goal,which was to stop all the violence going on. Nelepethi defeats Santa and all the other elves that tries to stop her good deeds and saves Netherworld.Now that Nelepethi has achieved all goals/obstacles she is contemplating on if she should go back to her original life.She decides if she should spend more time, with her daughter and sister or continue to work day and night so this town can improve greatly.After Nelepethi defeats all of her enemies she decided to spend more time with her family and not dedicating her life to Netherworld like her parents wanted to

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