Nellie Mitchell Case Study

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1. In Peoples Bank & Trust Co. v. Globe Int 'l, Inc. , a tabloid daily paper printed the photo of a 96-year-old Arkansas lady by the feature "Extraordinary DELIVERY: World 's most seasoned daily paper bearer, 101, stops on the grounds that she 's pregnant! I figure strolling each one of those miles kept me young."[4] The lady (who truth be told was not pregnant), Nellie Mitchell, who had run a little magazine kiosk on the town square following 1963, won at trial under a hypothesis of false light intrusion of security. She was granted harms of $1.5M. The tabloid bid, by and large questioning the disagreeableness and deception of the photo, contending that Mitchell had not really been harmed, and asserting that Mitchell had neglected to demonstrate that any representative of the tabloid knew or had motivation to realize that its perusers would infer that the tale about the pregnant transporter identified with the photo printed close by. The court of requests rejected all the tabloid 's contentions, holding that "[i]t may be. . .that Mrs. Mitchell does not demonstrate a lot of evident damage, but rather. . . Nellie Mitchell 's experience could be compared to that of a man who had been dragged gradually through a heap of untreated sewage. . . [and] few would question that considerable harm had been delivered by the one doing the dragging." 2. For a situation against Playgirl magazine, on-screen character Jose Solano Jr. won a false light claim due to the arrangement of features

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