Nelly Dewinter Biography

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Nearly six decades ago in 1952, 648 people washed up on the shore of Pier 21 in Halifax. Among those people were John and Nelly deWinter. John Petrus deWinter and Cornelia (Nelly) Seraphina Sneekes deWinter was born in Castricum, Province of North Holland Netherlands and immigrated to Canada in 1952. John and Nelly grew up in Holland knowing little of each other, even though their mothers sat together at church and there families were close. John first talked to Nelly at a youth dance. John explained “If you were seventeen years old all the boys and girl could go to a dance each Sunday. I went with my cousin and saw Nelly sitting, talking with all her friends. So I position myself in between Nelly and her friends and told her that we…show more content…
John and Nelly only had a big crate filled there belonging and 25 dollars to there name. When they got off the ship they immediately took a train to London Ontario Canada. In London, Nelly and John both found work on a dutch families farm. Nelly cooked and cleaned and took care of the children, meanwhile John worked hard on the farm. Later on John got a job for a construction of homes company and was ask to relocate to Sussex New Brunswick Canada. The deWinter’s live in London Ontario for 12 years, they had 6 children born there. Then they moved to Sussex and had 3 more children and started up Prestige Homes Inc. And a few years later Amsterdam Inn & Suites “ Immigrating to Canada was the best decision I made in my whole life. I married to beautiful girl, had 9 kids and sent everyone of then to school, and University. They are all now very successful and have families of there own. I will never reject mine and Nelly’s brave choice to Immigrate to
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