Nelson Mandela Analysis

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“I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons will live together in harmony and with equal opportunities.” - From the moment Nelson Mandela voiced his opinion, he was determined to achieve it. There was no need to back down, or fret about the present. The aim was clear, and by moving forward and advancing, change was irrepressible.

An intrepid man with a strong and distinct vision managed to shake up a nation after years of an apartheid system. This was a system of segregation, in which all non-whites were socially oppressed, facing gross injustices and being denied basic human rights. If Mandela had lacked boldness, a quality which he fervidly embraced throughout his journey to freedom, such a feat would
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Despite the fact that opposition surrounded him, Nelson Mandela stepped out heroically onto the pitch, and managed to unify all ethnic groups, promoting a sense of equality unknown in South Africa. However, this major risk was supporting his beliefs every step of the way. For instance, after two years in prison, Mandela stood proudly at the Pretoria courtroom, and despite being faced by a biased and close-minded audience, he proclaimed his ideals. Mandela always faced the political system with a dauntless and invincible attitude.

Mandela’s determination to achieve his ideals, started from a young age. He had recognized the flaws in the South African society, and was convinced that he could “build the new”, not only in his homeland, but also worldwide. Mandela had a vision greater than the ordinary leader or revolutionary. He had an extremely enhanced view of the world’s future. When he was trying to increase support for the African National Congress, he visited various African nations, and travelled to England as well. Advocating for causes close to his heart consumed his life, and thus required a buoyant
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He inspired millions and advocated for causes which he strongly supported. Nelson Mandela was passionate in his aim to combat HIV/AIDS, campaigning robustly to increase awareness, despite the disapproval he encountered from his successor, Thabo Mbeki. Although he had retired from his position as President at the time of the campaign, his sanguine personality remained, and his vision of continually “building on the new” never faded. Nelson Mandela was always hopefully optimistic about the future, and continued to be, until the day he
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