Nelson Mandela Essay

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“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” - Nelson Mandela. This remark during Nelson Mandela’s lifetime, describes his struggles in the anti-apartheid movement and acceptance. There were many hills to climb for Mandela in society, and they all eventually led to long-lasting influence. Receiving an education helped Nelson Mandela to pursue his work in the anti-apartheid movement, and he wrote an autobiography that illuminated his journey to achieving respect and recognition, letting him make a mark on the world. Mandela received an education and knowledge about his country when he was younger, which inspired his working for his country. According to Who Was Nelson Mandela?, he listened to the elders in his hometown talk of struggle and wars of resistance at a young age. This was his inspiration to later help his people with the conflict they faced. As an adult, he went to college at Fort Hare University to start a degree in Bachelor of the Arts and studied the world outside of South Africa. He hoped to one day change the pass laws through working for the Native Affairs Department. (Who Was Nelson Mandela?) These instances in his lifetime helped him to learn about the struggles the world faced and to spark his interest in acting upon them someday. Eventually Mandela met his goals in life that he wished when he was younger, and helped the world in a number of ways, including writing an autobiography. Nelson Mandela fought back
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