Nelson Mandela Hero Or Hero Essay

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Foe or Friend, Terrorist or Hero: Nelson Mandela

Due to British harsh and racially determined rule over South Africa, independence could only be achieved through the use of (political) disobedience and violence, but to what extent were Nelson Mandela’s participation in such violent activities justified? Being a British colony for decades has marked South Africa and left an everlasting effect on its politics and community. Initially, the British arrived in South Africa in 1785. By the late 1800s, gold was discovered in approximate territories. Their territories are of course then annexed, leading to a series of wars (Anglo-Boer War). Subsequently, the Treaty of Vereeniging of 1902 ended the second Anglo-Boer war. Furthermore, 1913 marked the prevention of blacks from buying lands outside reserves, marking the beginning of territorial segregation. As a response, the African National Congress, lead by Nelson Mandela, was founded. Subsquently, The Secret Broderbund (brotherhood) was also established to advance the Afrikaans case. In addition, South Africa’s financial situation further encouraged racial segregation. In 1934, South Africa enacts the Union Act, declaring the state finally independent from (British) and foreign control. Nonetheless, South Africa’s independence does not accord its black and native population the freedom they desired. In 1948, the policy of apartheid was used as the National Party comes to power. Two years later, tensions are heightened between

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