Nelson Mandela Impact

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Nelson Mandela once stated ¨it always seems impossible until it 's done¨ (Durando). He was a South African activist who fought for human rights around the globe using peaceful protests and armed resistance. He joined the African National Congress party in the beginning of the 1940 's to create a resistance against white minority 's oppressive regime. Mandela later was imprisoned in 1964 for 27 years on accounts of sabotage and conspiracy to overthrow the government. After he left prison, he led the ANC into negotiations with the minority government for an end to apartheid and created a multiracial government, later being elected South Africa 's first black president ("Nelson Mandela"). Nelson Mandela changed the world through creating the transition between apartheid to democracy in South Africa by spreading the message of racial equality through the actions of social justice. This is seen today through Mandela bringing peace to the racially divided country of South Africa and bringing in the world 's most progressive constitution for political reformation.

Nelson Mandela threw out apartheid from the government and created an interracial democracy in South Africa during a time where the country was racially divided and darker skinned people were treated as slaves. Mandela sought to change this and lead peaceful protests to show the government there was a problem. The white minority government saw them as a problem and imprisoned him for 27 years for conspiring against the
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