Nelson Mandela Legacy

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Nelson Mandela was an extraordinary man, known for his big fight with apartheid. Apartheid was a problem in South Africa, which separated black and white Africans. Mandela was one of the many people who spoke out against it. He made it so people in South Africa can live a better life without distress. Nelson has shown over the years that he has great qualities of leadership. He also left a huge legacy in South Africa and all over the world. Nelson Mandela shown these great qualities by becoming the first black president of South Africa, fought for human rights and equality, and fought for what he believed in peacefully. In conclusion, Mandela left a great leading legacy to people around the world.

Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918
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He used the teachings and followed many peaceful protesters like Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. This shows that Nelson got what he wanted peacefully and did not hold back with protest. Additionally, Mandela helped people as mentioned earlier, but with a peaceful approach, not in a rude discordant manner. For instance, he just wanted people to be in the best, happy in best conditions. Also, his foundation, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, still help with who are less fortunate. He just tried to make people happy and to understand. Lastly, he taught other to fight in what you believe in. Nelson Mandela simply quoted, “People respond in accordance to how you relate to them. If you approach them on the basis of violence, that's how they'll react. But if you say, 'We want peace, we want stability,' we can then do a lot of things that will contribute towards the progress of our society”( This shows that if you work peacefully and are considerate, you can maybe win the fight. Also, people study his teaching and try to become a more peaceful person too. To sum up, Nelson Mandela helped many people and won many fights by fighting peacefully.

To conclude, Mandela was a great human being who fought for many things. In South Africa, there is no more apartheid due to the workings of Nelson Mandela. Nelson, accomplished many things that makes him world-wide known as a leader. He, as well, left a great impact and legacy. Mandela became the first black president of South Africa, he fought for humans’ rights and equality, and fought for apartheid in a peaceful manner. He gave up two years of his life to stay in prison to end apartheid. He won many awards and still continues to be a great role model even though he has
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