Nelson Mandela Role Model

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Task 1 Nelson Mandela was an African man who fought for equal rights and human rights, and becomes a great role model for many people in the world. The apartheid government in South Africa in 19 centauries did not like that the black people in Africa to have any power, and they wanted to give the white people more advantages. Nelson Mandela did not like the system at all because he was a black man, with his political opinions. Nelson Mandela fought for what he believed on and he never gave up. He believed in peace, and he fought for the South African people to get freedom. Nelson didn’t fight against the apartheid regime system by power, but words. For his political opinions, Nelson was imprisoned for 27 years. After been imprisoned for 27 years, he became South Africa’s first president for what he did. For many people Nelson Mandela was a hero, and he is still. He didn’t just inspire only the African people, but the whole world to believe on equal and human rights. Nelson Mandela became a symbol for peacemaker and that is why he is a great role model for many people in the world. I think a similar role model like Nelson Mandela is Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was also an African man who fought for human right for the African people. Martin Luther king was a famous person because…show more content…
But just like I said before everybody can’t be heroes. Many people at these days don’t cares about the poverty people at all. They just thinks about them self’s and doesn’t care that every day many poverty people die, because they don’t have enough food or water. If we help just one single person who is poor, we have made a huge different in this world. We don’t need to be a very rich to help the poverty people, but we most have the abilities to do it. One single dollar, you can give a poor person enough food and water for many days. “We are all born free and equal, and we all should be treated in the same
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