Nelson Mandel 'It Always Seem Impossible Till It Done'

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Nelson Mandela, one of the grand leaders known in history once said “It always seems impossible till its done”. Behind this quote, there is a lot of meaning that connects to events that happened around the 1930s in Africa. . During that time Africans had not experienced freedom for around 300 years . What Mandela had started seemed impossible to many people protesting and standing up for their opinion for such topic was something no one had imagined for a long time. Mandela had become over the years, a very important and infiencial person, he was a symbol to the Africans, with a big dream, fighting against racism. He had devoted his life until the impossible was done. His role in Africa affected the history of the country and not only that, but the new generation living and being born in that country. What he accomplished set a new and hopeful bright future for Africans. Although Mandela was imprisoned, the people had him as a symbol for what was only the beginning of a life changing protest and struggle. All over signs and flyers he represented the best side of values and human spirits. His unique personality was one of the strongest and greatest that’s…show more content…
Even though the Afrikaners were fewer they had more power over the Afrikacans and it was a time that the blacks didn’t have that many rights and were poorly treated. This situation had been going on for many and many years that some generations had never seen freedom, peace, or any kind of fairness among the two different racial groups. So starting to protest brought unity within the people and supported the goal or the whole thing. Unity was a way of power and a way of rebellion against the government. The people wanted it so much they did not give up and Mandela gave them hope even when he was in prison he was not forgotten . The goverment could not stop the crowed

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