Nelson Mandela's Role Model

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In my opinion Nelson Mandela is one of the best role models to look up to, cause Mandela showed the world a whole new way of thinking and acting, with getting rid of apartheid and starting equality for every human being. Nelson was the first symbol of strength for the black people, he showed hope for every South African person. Nelson would die for the people to get where the world is today. Nelson Mandela was the leader of ANC (African National Congress) where he fought for every South African person, I believe the world would have been different if Nelson wouldn’t have fought for freedom for every individual. What I adore about Nelson Mandela is clearly he’s tolerance, and what he managed to do to society. Nelson is one of the most popular role models because of his strength and tolerance. Nelson didn 't want the black people…show more content…
Task 2

What is Dr. Martin Luther Kings main message in this speech?

In august 1969 King delivered the speech I have a dream, he spoke the speech in a Lincoln
Memorial and got the people connected to he’s message.

Martin Luther King, Martin is one of the people who really changed the world and we can learn a lot from him. Martin was a clergymen who became the spoke person and the figure head for the civil rights movement. Martin’s I have a dream speech actually go down as one of the most famous and beloved speeches in America today, but what is really the main message in the speech.
The main message in the speech is about equality, freedom and poverty and about the lies they where told, like America was the Land of liberty and freedom.
In the speech he claims that every person created equal and that people shouldn 't be judged by their skin color or cause someone was born a certain way. Dr. Martin meant that every human being should be treated the same way and stop the circular logic the white people had. He wanted white and blacks to sit together with a warm dinner and enjoy each others company without thinking about skin color, or
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