Nelson's Braithe-Personal Narrative

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Braithe chewed, swallowed noisily, then slowly and cautiously cleaned his teeth with the tip of his tongue. This had been the routine for the last hour, driven by the desire to taste Anna’s food, his favorite cook, he had craved when he was away on a business adventure. The desire had been enormous he almost choked on his own saliva. Many baby-sitters had come and gone. Some because of natural causes, but many of them due to the random yet terrifying character of Nelson, his biological father. Anna was available to fill his tank-like though flat belly. Despite having Anna’s meal displayed on their French-designed kitchen, he never seemed to reach his optimum satiety level. Perhaps he was trying to feel the emptiness he felt for being unloved …show more content…

Not because he was courageous, but because he had no idea what he did to startle others. While enjoying his food-soul moment, he felt eyes on his back. The feeling was familiar. The gaze undoubtedly belonged to Nelson. The man who loathed him to the moon and back for taking the apple of his eye to a deep slumber never to awake, during his birth. As if not satisfied with his evil deeds, his brain development was rapid, requiring few guidelines in his childhood to adhere to societal and psychological rules. This further denied Nelson a moment to groom his anatomical …show more content…

Constantly prayed for a power to change the functionality of his brain; the way he walked with his left foot before the right, the way he implemented the food to mouth theory rather than the mouth to food theory, and the way he ignited a flame in ladies. Braithe on the other hand, wished for love, parental love, romantic love from Bella his secret crush, political love for the Quincy community, and economical love from American

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