Neo Assyria Essay

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Neo-Assyria was a powerful empire that ruled from 911-611 BCE. The Neo-Assyrians ruled harshly. They used deportations, propagandas, forced labor, and a strict hierarchy to control and expand their empire. Neo-Assyria was divided into two parts and each were ruled differently. The people of the Yoke of Ashur were conquered peoples, locally ruled, and had to pay tribute to the king. The people of the Land of Ashur were Assyrians, ruled by the king's governors, and gave food to the god Ashur. The primary sources Sargon II of Assyria-Record of His Deeds, When Sennacherib's Forces Met Hezekiah, and Banquet of Ashurnasirpal II reveal the strategies that the Neo-Assyrians used to form their strong empire. The primary source Sargon II of Assyria-Record of His Deeds entails stories of Sargon's victories and Sargon's propaganda. It begins with King Merodach-baladan of Babylon not surrendering to Sargon and paying his tribute. Merodach-baladan "violated the oath of the great gods and withheld his gifts." Sargon declares the Ashur demands that they conquer Dûr-Iakin, so he "cut a channel (leading) from the Euphrates, and carried it up to its (the city's) plains." He filled the city's meadows with water and "cut…show more content…
While they were harsh and strict, they were able to control their expanding empire. For the most part, people lived in fear, due to the fact that they killed and deported people. However, fear is what kept this empire going for 300 years. The Neo-Assyrians ruled with an iron fist because of their expanding empire. It is hard to control an empire with an expanding population, so the Neo-Assyrians developed some strategies to control them. These strategies include deporting people, propagandas, forced labor, and a strict hierarchy. However, each source proves that their favorite strategies to use were propagandas and deporting people. These strategies form fear, and without fear, you can't have
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