Neo Realism Vs Neo-Liberalism Essay

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Introduction In international relations, there are four great debates that are well known where all great thinkers before had based their argument on how the state is governed. We have the first great debate which is the ‘Idealism vs Realism’, the second; ‘Traditionalism vs Behaviourism’, the third; ‘Neo-realism vs Neo-liberalism’, and lastly, the debate of ‘Rationalism vs Reflectivism’. Though all of the debates are well enlightening to be talk about, here on forth, the main focus would be on the debate of ‘Neo-realism vs Neo-liberalism’. To further understand the third great debate, it is crucial to first understand the parts involved in the debate which is neo-realism and neo-liberalism. The word ‘neo’ generally means new and revived. This means basically, the debate of ‘Neo-realism vs Neo-liberalism’ developed from thinkers’ effort to find the best type of governing basis for the state. The argument between Neo-realism and Neo-liberalism was the main focus of the…show more content…
As suggested by Donnelly, (2000) there are; structural realists, who give predominant emphasis to international anarchy; biological realists, who emphasize a fixed human nature; radical realists, ones that adopt extreme versions of the three realist premises of anarchy, egoism, and power politics; strong realists, adopt realist premises in a way that allows only modest space for politically salient non-realist concerns; and finally hedged realists, who accept the realism definition of the problem of international politics – anarchy and egoism – but show varying degrees of discomfort with the solution of power politics. However, it is stated through Donnelly’s writing that “Hedged realism gradually merges into views that are fundamentally something else. At some point, (non-realist) ‘hedges’ become as important as the (realist) ‘core’, making it misleading to label the resulting position or argument ‘realist’ ” (2000,

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