Neoclassical Vs Neoclassical Art

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One single painting can be looked at through a million different lenses. The art styles reveal the temper and culture of the time. The two most crucial styles, Rococo and Neoclassical were assorted in similarities and differences such as influences, style, and theme. Rococo and Neoclassical art both possess beauty through this revolution of art eras. The painting The Love Letter, by Jean Honore Fragonard and the painting Marie Josephine Charlotte du val d’Ognes by Marie Denise Villers are similar yet distinct in their own ways. The lucid and explicit movement in art was the change from Rococo to Neoclassical styles in art. These two styles are clearly different, but there are still subtle similarities.Rococo embodies pastel colors, and happy portrayals, while Neoclassical art is represented by darker colors and solemn moments. All art is connected to the society that created it. The Rococo era begins with Louis XIV, King of France. When Louis XIV dies he leaves his young grandson as the rightful king of France. However, what came was an eight year regency. So, in France the Duke of Orleans ruled as regent until, the young Louis XV, came of age. This is the period where Rococo in France sprouted. In the eyes of politics, the power of the monarch was gone. Consequently, the nobles began to enjoy their newfound wealth and power. This wealth and power drove influence to the first glamours of Rococo elements. In architecture and interior design, these wealthy nobles built new
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