Neoconservative Ideology In Foreign Policy

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The policy makers certainly depend on the concept of the state structure, The state level of analysis which it includes the domestic factors , focused on how this factors had the ability to influencing the foreign policy of the state, factors Such as political institutions, public opinion, interest groups and political parties, the state-level analysis enhances our understanding of policy. This level of analysis emphasizes the characteristics of states and how they make domestic and international strategy choices and apply them. This paper will argued the impact of the neoconservative ideology on the foreign policy of united states from 2001 to 2009, the changing of the policy of George W Bush’s administration by using the state level of…show more content…
Bush by having a direct effect on the war of terror by invading Afghanistan 2001 and Iraq 2003 as a result of The Qaeda attack in 9 September 2001 on the pentagon and the world trade center in new york “It gave Bush’s administration the opportunity to put the objectives of the 1992 Defense Policy Guidance into practice under the guise of the “War on Terrorism.”” (caron, 2005). Turing back to the roots of American neoconservative it was found by the political scientist Irving Kristol, the contributors Leo Strauss, Daniel Bell and other prominent neoconservatives, from the point view of Francis fukyama, neoconservatives: They believed that United states had a responsibilities of promotion the democracy and human rights "The Bush Administration Is Pursuing a Neoconservative Foreign Policy" ( boot, 2004). So the neoconservative had a direct effect on the unites states’ foreign policy and the defense policy in different ways, it effect on George w. bush foreign policy decisions for the goals of united states of America . Neoconservative objectives is overthrow Sadaam Hussein regime because its considered a danger of America since the gulf war, it’s threat the interests of U.S in the gulf area and the warning of sadaam…show more content…
The paper can be concluded that the neoconservative ideology have an influential effect of the foreign policy of united stated by analysis the change the policy of the two main institution such as the pentagon and the white house, neocons represent the majority in the GOP “The neocons are rooted in the Pentagon and the arms industry. Their network in think tanks, government agencies, economy, and media” (ARIN,2014)Bush’s administration Took the definition of terrorism, as a way to achieve the goals without defining the concept of the word itself only to justify their action and the hegemony policy in the middle east, “The real dream of the neocons is not simply to defeat the Islamic State but also to engage in a renewed bout of regime change around the globe” (Heilbrunn,

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