Neoconservativism In America

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As america began its venture toward the new millennium and a change would come. Before nixon would reach office two democratic politicians preceded him and after years of our country 's involvement in Vietnam and the constant fear the American people lived through during the cold war they wanted change.This would spark neoconservativism as people would fall out of sync of the democrats policy of foreign affairs and begin to tread to the other parties policies or points of views.but tges n conservatives would still uphold some of their democratic interest while still in the republican party which basically puts the neo in the neo conservative.but how would this become into fortune and effect the america of the time. Lets begin with…show more content…
American at the time were struggling as a decline in manufacturing in the united states and the increase of global trading killed off many jobs in america.thanks to the republican agenda public funding was greatly decreased as mental institutions ,schools and social programs began to struggle.Places like detroit and chicago 's industry began to crumble and these event to lead up to what these cities are now at today.The american people would lose faith in the government as the watergate scandal would arise and people would realize they were being monitored and this would upset people(which could have made it so people were less surprised after hearing the patriot act in the years to come).An economy once based on the gold standard was no more and there was a less security on individuals money.Small business would struggled as the couldn 't contend with larger business and would have to sell themselves because they wouldn 't be able to operate any more and the rich get richer.While the lower and middle class couldn 't rise out of those economic states. In all this time would shape the current economic state of our government as the republican party came into power.We became one of the strongest nations in the world at the price of the welfare of the american people. As the benefactors of most of these events were the 1% of the wealth of the country and politicians.We can learn from this time now because we can see the underlying effects to our government and prevent them from happening in the
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