Neoliberalism Essay

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D. Neoliberalism prioritizes free market and minimal state intervention. Under a neoliberal agenda relating to families, ‘social policies and labour-market regulations significantly affect the abilities of household members to manage and maintain their standards of living.’ (Beazon pg, 188) With the new meaning of family reconfigured distribution of social reproduction among market, welfare state, family and households. Bezanson research stated that in low income families, the work of transforming income to meet the need of the household and to live comfortably which included going off to school or to work was the flexible element of managing of their living standards. There are many different strategies in low income households such as “doing…show more content…
The households is assumed to absorb the shocks of economic adjustment and to be the safety net of last resort(elson 1998). A conclusion based on the research form Bezanson says the the level of indivdual households, decreased support for and increased work in the tasks associated with social reproduction intensified the strain on women, in particular, to develop strategies to maintain standards of living(Bezanson pg 199). Both women and men developed different strategies under the neoliberal agenda because of division of labour. The neo-liberal gender order in Ontario is one in which he work of social reproduction continues to be organized predominantly via women 's unpaid labour; which shifted to a dual earner-fable carer model with few state supports. (Bezanson pg 199). Women are expected to provide income and come home to do care work for the children which takes a toll on women. The gender division of labour continues to assign women responsible for care work, even when they work outside the home. Employment of women increased economic independence but also reduce time available for care work and intimate labour in the
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