Neoliberalism In Canada

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Philippines and Canada are two different economic spectrum. The former has historically struggled with poverty from the period of colonization to today’s rapid globalization with poverty incidence of 21.6% as of 2014 (PSA, 2016). Canada, on the other hand, has 9.7% rate of low income but majority of those are transitory. From 2005-2010, only 1.5% are considered in persistent low income (Statistics Canada, 2015 as cited by Lamman, & McIntyre, 2016). Beyond these numbers, there remains a grim reality that faced citizens within the poverty thresholds from both nations. Though the effect is relative to both, neoliberalism threatens the social fabric and accelerating poverty by depoliticizing (Ferguson, 2005 as cited in Sims, 2015) and producing

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