The Role Of Neoliberalism In Media

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Neoliberalism in Media Nor Athirahani Shafie
New Media Thinking & Seminar
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Penang, Malaysia

ABSTRACT — This journal is about neo-liberalism in media. It is about the role of media in neo-liberalism in this new era, how it control the world through media and how it works.
Keywords; neo-liberalism; media

This research based on the current era which is all about technology and media which focused on neo-liberalism. This research highlighted that media is a tool for neoliberalism in this new era which is basically controlled people’s mind.


They are many types of media such as public relation, and advertising. Devereux noted in his book ‘Understanding
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He said that “take image diplomacy seriously and attempt to imagine how art can function as currency without falling into monetization.”


Neoliberalism is the political economy philosophy that revives from liberalism. There are many contributions of media in neoliberalism.

Firstly, it is as a tool to spread neoliberalism idea across the globe and the world. Secondly, both media and neoliberalism support corporation and lastly, corporations are manipulated by the media.

According to this, this technique is a great platform for neoliberalism to be spread out and it will continue being manipulated by the media as in this new era, all require technology and media to spread something.

Media play the major role in changing the world to the same path. Media have the power to change values, behaviors and attitudes simply by exposed to the manipulated media content. People will usually rely on mainstream media to get news, or the latest updates on everything around the globe. Media embeds people with neoliberal idea. It indirectly persuade any country or people to be developed, with neoliberal policy and media choose to show only the successful side and win-win situation that is why whatever they tell in the medi, people will believe in in these words easily because they have already seen the successful model in
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Based on the literature review that has been made, it is suitable for this era for what they had been said. The effect of neo-liberalism in media are so clear and affected all around the globe. Neo-liberalism influence everyone and the media is a tool to spread it. People


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