Fundamentalism Vs Neoliberalism Essay

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LAST VERSİON OF CAPİTALİSM Ideology and rationality would be quiet interwoven concepts when neoliberalism comes into question. Briefly, ideology is the set of values,thoughts, beliefs that affects government policies, people’s behaviours and political party movements and creates a model for future and good society. Besides that rationality is about using the means effectively that provides us to wanted goals. What is neoliberalism a rationality or ideology? ‘’In contrast with an understanding of neoliberalism as a set of state policies, a phase of capitalism, or an ideology that set loose the market to restore profitability for a capitalist class, I join Michel Foucault and others in conceiving neoliberalism an order of normative reason that, when it becomes ascendant, takes a shape as a governing rationality extending a specific formulation of economic values, practices and metrics to every dimension of human life.’’(Brown, 2011, s.30) Neoliberalism as a technical rationality creates a word that processes through economization and transmogrifies all aspects of human spheres and politics in accordance with harsh capitalism. Not states but capitalism had the control of the every aspect of the human domains by creating individuals(homoeconomicus) that seeking only their self-interest in every…show more content…
Debt is the critical concept and guarantor of the ultimate neoliberal system. Neoliberal system changes the dynamics and understanding of the debt concept completely. Altough debt is exists since primitive society, now it has a different meaning in our current society. Firstly, in primitive society there was finite debt that can be paid with our lifes through punishment. Secondly, in despotic society debt is still finite and can be paid to despot with modification. Thirdly, in capitalist society debt became infinite result from banks and credit cards and never can be paid

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