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Ancient Food Still Saves lives Just because something is old, does not mean that it wasn’t important. I think that neolithic food has made a fairly big impact on the present. This essay is about food, made and eaten many years ago. Around 8000 to 6000 B.C. , The neolithic age started. The neolithic age was the age of many discoveries and transformation of human life. People were nomads living a nomadic life. nomad meaning (people not having permanent home and are traveling constantly). The neolithic age transformed those people into farmers and settlers.Food back then made a big impact on what we have today. I know this because of three foods. Millet, yogurt, and noodles. Millet because it persuaded early people to become farmers/settlers instead of leading a nomadic life. Yogurt because it was a revolutionary food that lactose intolerant people could eat. My final food is noodles, the noodles didn’t really save lives. However, they did lead to a big discovery. These are the reasons ancient food is important.…show more content…
It was a type of grain that could withstand a lot more than grains like wheat or barley. It was once as little as birdseed but now it is becoming more popular. Millet also had a lot of nutritional value. It has been deemed one of the world’s healthiest foods. Millet has copper, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus. The real reason millet is important is not because of its nutritional value though. One of the main reasons millet is important is because it persuaded nomads to become farmers. Instead of just following a herd of animals, nomads could just drop some millet seeds somewhere and come back a couple weeks later and the millet would have grown. They do not need to tend to the millet because it is really resilient to a lot of things. Millet can go a while without being watered and it can also withstand heat and the cold. Without millet, we would still be nomads wandering around and not having a permanent

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