Neolithic Revolution Impact On World History

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Throughout the previous four chapters of World History, there has been an abundance of events that shaped world history for years after. For example, from units one through four, the Neolithic Revolution, the Nok Culture in ancient Africa, the Black Death, and the Columbian Exchange, respectively.
To start, the Neolithic Revolution changed the entirety of World History for a few main reasons. First, it allowed civilizations to have a stable food source from farming and the domestication of animals. Due to fertile soil, natural rivers, and location near the equator, farming crops was always an option for any early civilization because of the Neolithic Revolution. Along with the farming of crops, early civilizations were able to domesticate animals. With the domesticated animals, it provided an additional stable food source for the civilization, which did not rely as much on the soil and temperature like with farming crops. In addition, the Neolithic Revolution allowed for the specialization of labor. For example, if someone was better at farming crops, they would be able to spend most of their time farming crops; others who were better with farming animals would also be able to
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To start, the Black Death had people question their faith in the Christian Church. Before the Black Death, people believed in their church 100% of the time, whatever the Pope said was supposedly true. When the church said everything with the Black Death will be fine, and it ended up killing 25 million people, that caused many Christians to questions their faith, which leads to the lessening of power for the Pope. In addition, Europe’s economy was dramatically impacted from the Black Death. For example, the Black Death caused the cost of labor and goods to skyrocket to astronomical amounts, but the cost of food did not increase do the amount of people still alive and the amount of available
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