Neolithic Vs Paleolithic Art Essay

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1. Compare the stylistic and cultural features of art from the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods. Paleolithic is Old Stone Age and Neolithic is New Stone Age. The Paleolithic culture and stylistic features of art was started nearly two million years ago. They were early hominids, which were in groups of up to 50; tribal society; hunters and gatherers, which made crude stonecutting tools (Neolithic vs Paleolithic, n.d.). Later they developed choppers and hand axes. They were able to have mental images of animals and they used their imagination to their advantage. The art was naturalistic animal art, and most of the art was found in caves. Neolithic cultural and stylistic features of art was started around 9,000 to 6,000 BCE, where they were living a stable life of village farmers and herders. Their tools were polished…show more content…
The Sumerian worshipped in Ziggurats. Ziggurats is a rectangular or square stepped pyramid, often with a temple at its top. They were made high and was made of brick and wood because there was a lack of stone. They were smaller and rigid. The art was narrative panels and bull heads. The bulls head represented human roles. The use of blending formal design with naturalism is used to display the head of an Akkem ruler they continued to develop cultural traditions despite of disorder. Egyptians created large monuments known as the Great Pyramids. They were created for life after death, and were made with stones. The Egyptian sculptures were characterized by compact, solid structures that had qualities of strength and geometric clarity (pg. 252). “Unlike the Egyptians, Mesopotamian artist often created their human figures with exaggeratedly large eyes. They used scale to indicate hierarchy in the culture. For example, women did not hold a high place in Mesopotamian societies, consequently statues and figurines of women are represented as being much smaller than those depicting men (eNotes,

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