Neolithic Vs. Paleolithic: Old Stone Age

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Neolithic vs Paleolithic
Introduction: The Neolithic and Paleolithic arrive from the stone age period they are two separate time period each sharing some aspects from the other and varying from each other. The Paleolithic is a prehistoric period of human history and stand for “old stone age. This time period cover most of its primary tools and and cave paintings. The Neolithic stand for “new stone age” the develop more in craft/technology and basic aspect of live. They can be compare and contrast in various ways but it was the Paleolithic the paved the way for the neolithic era. Among the various ways they are alike and different in some ways, one move from place to place and their society consist of hunter-gatherers (paleolithic) and the
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They began building villages to settle down, no more mammoth-bone houses. The area became fertile to grow crops, they made irrigation that cause plants to growth. Neolithic people had it easier than Paleolithic in many aspects. Neolithic culture was evolutionary compare to Neolithic.Because it develop many aspects for society for example: private property, people own their own land, animal domestication, force animal to settle down and breed them, one important element was the burial of people, began to bury the death which became a religious believed to the underground and separate the death from the living. Develop trading exchaging and marriage play an important role because now two people join family, and join goods. They had more water available,crops, houses, they expanded their land.this led to social hierarchy where people began to disthinguis social status based on what they own. They still wore animal clothing just like that Paleolithic. Art style had changed Neolithic discover mural painting (wall painting)l. There architecture method used to build houses was known as the post and lintel
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