Neonatal Nursing: A Career In Nursing

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A Career In Neonatal Nursing
The medical field is one of the most popular jobs of today. However neonatology nursing is one of the top jobs. According to “Neonatal Nurse Career Guide”, the survival rate in infants have been rising every year they are higher than they have ever been. More than 40,000 low birth rate infants are born every year ("Neonatal Nurse"). A Neonatal Nurse is a nurse who deals with premature,sick, or ill patients. The children often need to be monitored very closely. Even though their job is to care for infants, they often have to provide emotional support to the families of the children. Along with information to educate them with how their infant is being cared for ("Neonatal Nurse"). When considering a career as a
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RN stands for Registered Nurse. Rn’s provide and coordinate patient care, nurses educate patients and the public about various health care (Bureau). They also provide emotional support and give advice to the patient's family. The caregivers know what is going through your mind and they know how you feel. They are there to help you talk about it. Especially if you have questions about your infant. Neonatal Nurses take care of infants that are born with any kind of complications or if they are premature. Nurses and Doctors are there to help you get through the tough times, and to inform you about your child or children. Coming into the nursing career you will face anywhere from eight to twelve hour shifts each day. If your relief doesn't show up you are stuck there until someone shows up ("It's). One will face many situation that they will not want to. The nurses responsibilities are to tell the mother and father with any changes that are going on with the infant. NICU nurses are there to provide the parents with emotional and physical support that they need during this time ("It's). Being a nurse that works in the NICU is a very tough and intense job. But someone has to get the job done. Coming into this career choice you will face many happy and sad times. A person can expect to take care of up to four infants at a time. It is important to make the family happy and show them that you care for their child make sure you…show more content…
After becoming a RN I want to dive straight into my career as a neonatal nurse. I don't want to take a break. I should reach my goals within a minimum of 6 years. I would love to work at the Methodist Hospital in San Antonio. My nephew spent his first 2 and a half months in that hospital and that's when i decided to become a Neonatal Nurse. I never wanted to become a nurse in my whole life until i realized the importances of the nurses we have. Right now i am taking the first step in becoming a CNA i am starting to realize this is always what i wanted to do. However even though I want to work in San Antonio I do not want to live there. I would like to live close just not inside where all the commotion is. The NICU is a very heart warming, sad, intense, quiet, and calm place. It's hard to explain walking in and seeing all the helpless little ones with families coming from everywhere to visit them. It's hard to see and hear all the little babies. Although sometimes you can't hear the infants because their cries are to quiet for you to hear. Watching them suffer with all of their complications is literally heart breaking. I just want to make a difference in their lives. Being there for the parents is the number one most important thing in your job. You must provide them with the love, care, and desire to help
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