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In development of the newborn baby and being established to give therapeutic consultation to, possible neonatal nurses must investigate the job responsibilities, education requirements, job advancements, and travel opportunities when devoting their energy to the altruistic medical field. The education an essential thing in this type of field? What is the educational requirements for a neonatal nurse? As quoted on (“neonatal nurse of career guidance center”). Says “in order to become a neonatal nurse, as someone must first train to be a registered nurse. To prepare for a career as in have taken high school mathematics and science courses, including biology, chemistry, and physics. Health courses will also be helpful. English and speech courses…show more content…
“Neonatal nurse can expect to work in a hospital environment” (neonatal nurse career guidance). As it also says hospitals may be in a less than desirable location and safety might be an issue. So some nurses are mostly needed in a hospital. A nurse who desires to be advanced in careers will find themselves working in larger hospitals. In bigger hospitals in larger cities to help with the same placement they were in the hospital. Travel opportunity is a big thing some might need more help so work with babies in a larger community. “the neonatal nurse mostly works in the clinics to stay close to the patients as quoted on how to become a neonatal nurse practitioner”(how to become a neonatal nurse practitioner). Because in case something happens the nurse can either travel to help or they can stay in the clinics. The nurses might work somewhere else in a community based settings, the information is just saying some nurses like to be close by their patients just in case something were to happen. More importantly all this information I should be able to know why they travel and don’t travel. Of other nurses wanting to get more advanced to see where they need the nurse in different sections. To repeat you would need to travel if you are going into advancement. Then if not than staying at the clinic to watch over your little

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