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Every year about 15 million babies are born prematurely (“Preterm Birth”). About one million of those babies die every year (“Preterm Birth”). Those babies are cared for by neonatal nurses. Lori Loan, a neonatal nurse, once said “For parents, having a baby is one of the best times of their life.” (“Neonatal Nurses”). The Nurses do everything they can to help out the doctors and the families of the babies. This is why neonatal nurses are important, and why I want to be one.
Newborn babies in hospitals are cared by neonatal nurses (“Neonatal Nurses”). These types of nurses have the privilege of talking care of the cutest patients, a baby. They also have to be compassionate with the families of the newborn babies. By providing care for newborns who may have birth defects or illness, or they may be healthy either way neonatal nurses take care of them (“Neonatal Nurses”). Also, neonatal nurses teach the families how to take care of their newborn. At first you have to become a registered nurse, and then you can specialize in neonatal (“Neonatal Nursing”). Quinn said “[Neonatal nurses] have to care about the babies and realize the families aren’t just people.” (“Neonatal Nursing”). Some of the problems babies can have are that it was born prematurely, it had birth defects, or cardiac malformation, and surgical problems (Neonatal Nursing Career”). Neonatal nurses are put in different levels depending on their education,
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Also, they may work in nursing care facilities (“Registered Nurses”). Hospitals may even send the neonatal nurses, who are also known as registered nurses, somewhere else, so traveling is involved (“Neonatal Nursing”). Nurses spend a lot of the time walking and standing, therefore they’re on their feet all day. Working 10 or 12 hour shifts, and being on call is something that is also included. Only one out of five registered nurses worked part time in 2012 (“Registered

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