Neptune: The Windiest Planet In Our Solar System

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The Windiest Planet in our Solar System


Neptune, a planet that is a huge gas and ice giant, full of frozen methane clouds and 4x as big as Earth. Believe it or not, we can live on this planet, even if it’s cold, (below 0) and it is full of gases. All we need is the proper equipment, something to keep our bodies warm enough, a dome to surround a city and keep out the gases. Neptune is also one of the windiest of planets, containing frozen methane clouds. It takes 165 Earth years for Neptune to orbit around the Sun once. This planet is Neptune is very strange but an interesting planet, you will learn more about it in the rest of the article.

CHARACTERISTICS OF NEPTUNE Neptune is a planet that we have limited information on but enough to know how we could live on it. Neptune is one of the biggest planets, four times as big as Earth and almost as big as Uranus, this planet contains gases, ice and water but does not contain life. It is also one of the farthest planets from our solar system, which causes it to take 4 hours for the sunlight to reach Neptune. Surprisingly, the sunlight we have here on Earth is 900 times brighter on Neptune! Since, Neptune is the windiest planet in our solar system it contains supersonic winds, winds that are 1.5 times faster than the speed of sound. The planet is at least -300 fahrenheit and the hottest it can get is 18 degrees fahrenheit. Neptune has a radius of 15,299.4 miles, it is also four times

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