Nero And The Pax Roman Empire

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Nero was the most infamous emperor of Rome. Nero was very brutal he had his mother (Agrippina), his first wife (Octavia) and his second wife (Poppaea Sabina) murdered. Nero also had senators murdered if they question his actions. One of the most infamous events of his reign was the fire of Rome in 64 AD Nero was in Antium when the fire started in the Circus Maximus. The fire spread and raged furiously over Rome for nine days. When Nero returned he started to rebuild the city, which caused some to suspect Nero of planning the fire in order to make room for a new city built in his honor. Nero put the blame on the Christians, so he wouldn’t get caught. His brutality was exhibited through the persecution of these early Christians. This makes Nero the most infamous emperor of Rome.…show more content…
Augustus was the first emperor of Rome after Julius Ceasar. He made Rome into a truly imperial city. Augustus also made great advances in agriculture and civil engineering. He allied Rome with some states in the East. The Pax Romana or Roman peace was introduced by Augustus. The Pax Romana made the Roman empire the most safe, beautiful, clean, organized and powerful as possible. He used his experience as soldier coupled with political skills to restore order and prosperity in Rome when he came into power. Augustus restored peace after 100 years of civil war in ancient Rome. He also maintained an honest government and a sound currency system, extended the highway system, developed an efficient postal service, fostered free trade among the provinces, and built many bridges, aqueducts and buildings adorned with beautiful works of art. This makes Augustus the most famous emperor of

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