Nervosa Bulimia Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to suffer from a mental illness? Well I did, and therefore, I decided to research one mental illness in particular, Nervosa Bulimia. By researching this mental illness I am hoping to reduce the stigma associated with this mental illness, for myself and others. I would like to be apart of a society of educated individuals who are less likely to judge others. Since mental illness cannot be seen by the naked eye, it is imperative to educate ourselves. Bulimia is an illness in which a person binges on food or has regular episodes of overeating and feels a loss of control. The person then uses different ways such as vomiting or abusing laxatives to prevent weight gain. Many but not all people with bulimia also have anorexia nervosa. Many more women than men have bulimia. This disorder is most common in pre teen girls and in young women. The affected person is usually aware that her eating pattern is not normal and may…show more content…
Binges lead to self disgust, which causes purging to prevent weight gain. Purging may include: forcing yourself to vomit , Excessive exercise, Using laxatives, enemas, or diuretics(water pills) purging often brings relief. People with bulimia are often at a normal weight, but they may see themselves as being overweight. Because the person's weight is often normal, other people may not notice this eating disorder. Symptoms that other people might see are compulsive exercise, suddenly eating large amounts of food or buying large amounts of food that disappear right away, regularly going to the bathroom right after meals, throwing away packages of laxatives, diet pills, emetics(drugs that cause vomiting) . people with bulimia can fall within the normal range for their weight. But like people with anorexia, they often fear gaining weight, want desperately to lose weight, and are intensely unhappy with their body size and

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