Nervous And Endocrine Case Study

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Chapter 43 and 45 Nervous and Endocrine System
1. Discuss how the endocrine and nervous systems become involved when a student feels stress – such as that associated with an upcoming exam. (4 points).
The Hypothalamus begins the body’s response to stress by sending a polypeptide hormone to the pituitary gland, which allows for it to release ACTH to work with the adrenal medulla. The adrenal medulla, which is in the autonomic nervous system, will then secrete, once action potential is reached, epinephrine (Adrenaline) into the blood. Epinephrine brings its effects to target receptors, which will in turn cause changes in the body. Adrenaline leads the Sympathetic Nervous System to become more prominent and inhibit the action of the Parasympathetic system in the body. Thus, the body focuses less on housekeeping and more on fighting or fleeing. It increases the amount of oxygen the lungs intake and the level of blood glucose. Digestion, salivation, and bladder are inhibited from doing their jobs. The muscles are more prepared and the person feels as though they have more strength. Eventually the body will come to the conclusion it is no longer stressed, and will let digestion, salivation, and the bladder to function like normal. The lungs will not take in as much air and the pupils will constrict. Blood glucose will decrease …show more content…

Describe how the hormones of the pancreas regulate the concentration of glucose in the blood (4 points).
Insulin is used by the pancreas in response to when the body’s level of blood glucose is too high, and glucagon is inhibited. Insulin performs the job of taking glucose into the liver and helps store glucose as glycogen within the body. When the blood glucose level of the body gets to low the body will inhibit the secretion of insulin, so that glucagon can do its job. What glucagon does is it takes the stored glycogen and lets it be released back out into the bloodstream so the body can have more energy.

Chapter 46: Skeletal and

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