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Coffee is perhaps the most popular brew in the world. Billions of cups are served all over the world every day. There would hardly be a person living under the sun who never had a cup of coffee in his or her life time.

The art of coffee making has been around for centuries and new varieties, flavors and textures are added to it pretty often.

From manual making to machine brewing, all types of coffee brewing techniques are in vogue all such techniques are opposed and favored by their respective followers.

You may be traditionalist, who love the traditional art of manual coffee brewing or a convenience lover who won’t mind your cup brewed in a coffee maker. Whichever be the case, manual or machine, coffee making is an art and the method employed has its
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The manual process of preparing espresso completes here.

How Nespresso is Different?

Topic of the Day is Nespresso vs. Espresso Coffee

The primary objective espresso making is to produce fresh, traditional-tasting brew with old-world authenticity. However, if one doesn’t mind automation then Nespresso is an option of choice.

Nespresso is a leading brand of nespresso makers that is quite popular among coffee drinkers. A Nespresso maker is a quick way to make coffee as it greatly speeds up and facilitates the brewing. If you are interested in Nespresso then you need to know all this:

1. The Nespresso machine is a faster and easier way to make coffee at home, much faster than doing it by hand.

2. There are many different types of Nespresso machines, but general coffee making principle is same for all of them.

3. To make your Nespresso, you just need to add water to the tank, add in a pre-supplied coffee pod, turn the machine on, and just place your desired cup or glass under the spout. Don’t forget to clean the drip catcher after you are done.

4. The general procedure will have as many steps as in the Espresso preparation but the steps are simpler and far less time consuming in case of

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